Welcome to the My Health Record system Help site

This site contains information to help you use and understand the My Health Record system.

This page contains information on:

You can find out further information about the My Health Record system through the sites listed below.

myhealthrecord.gov.au; for more information on:

  • Managing your health;
  • The My Health Record system; and
  • FAQs.

Department of Human Services - Medicare; for information on:

  • The healthcare services available to you;
  • My Health Record system support by calling 1800 723 471 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week); and
  • Note the My Health Record system Help site contains information to help you use the My Health Record system. If you want to find out information about your healthcare, talk to your healthcare provider.


The My Health Record system Help site

The site follows the structure of the My Health Record system and gives you detailed information about these concepts:

To find your way around, use the navigation menus or the links within each screen.


Finding your way around the My Health Record system

When you first login to the My Health Record system, you will go to a page where you can see a list of all the My Health Records you have access to, as well as your personal details.

From this page you can:

  • Identify the account owner which is displayed in this page;
  • Click on the ‘My Details’ link to access your personal information;
  • Access any My Health Records connected to your account via the buttons and links displayed on the screen; and
  • Add another My Health Record to your account via the ‘Create or access a My Health Record for someone else’ link.


My Details

The ‘My Details’ page contains your personal information including first and last name, your Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI), date of birth, age, sex, address and contact number.

Your contact number can be updated by clicking on the contact number field. Please note that this does not update your contact information within the DHS system.

Other information is based on information held by DHS. To update this information, you will need to contact DHS directly on 132 011.


My Health Record

When you click on a My Health Record that you have access to, it will open the ‘Record Home’ page of that particular My Health Record.

The ‘Record Home’ page provides an overview of your My Health Record including your Health snapshot, your Personal information and a timeline of key documents that have been added to your My Health Record over the last 12 months.

On this screen and all other screens within the My Health Record, you will see a navigation menu with the following links:

  • Record Home
  • Documents
  • Privacy & Access
  • Profile & Settings
  • Search
  • Help
  • Log out of My Health Record

In addition to these navigation features the My Health Record has a ‘Record Switcher’. This function appears in the drop-down box in the top left hand corner of any My Health Record screen. You can use this to change between records (if you have access to more than one) and to logout of the My Health Record system.


Documents within a My Health Record

There are two main types of information stored within a My Health Record;

Information created by your healthcare providers:

  • Clinical Records: Information about your health written by your healthcare providers. For more information see the ‘Clinical Records’ help page.
  • Medicines: Medications that have been prescribed and/or dispensed to you.
  • Medicare Overview: A summary of Medicare information that you have consented to have displayed in your My Health Record. For more information see the ‘Medicare Information’ help page.

Information created by you:

  • Key Information I’ve Added: Information recorded by you or an Authorised Representative about your own health.
  • Advance Care Planning: Information about the type of healthcare you would wish to receive should you become seriously ill.
  • My Childhood Development: Allows you to record observations about your childhood growth and development.


Settings within a My Health Record

You can control access to both the My Health Record and particular documents within the My Health Record. See the ‘Privacy and Access’ help page for more information.


Protecting your record privacy

Each time you log in to the My Health Record system, details of your last login date and time will be displayed. This information will be displayed in Australian Eastern Standard Time or Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. If you have any concerns about the last login information displayed you should contact the My Health Record system support as soon as possible on 1800 723 471 or visit a DHS Services Centre offering Medicare services.


Further Information

For further information explore this Help site or visit the My Health Record system FAQs.