Childhood Development

The ‘Childhood Development’ section of a My Health Record contains information about childhood growth and development. This section can be found by selecting the ‘Documents’ link in the navigation menu and then selecting ‘My Childhood Development’ under the ‘Information created by you’ heading.

To record information about your childhood health and development, you can access the ‘Childhood Development’ section from your My Health Record.

Alternatively, to enter information about your child’s health and development, you can access the ‘Childhood Development’ section of your child’s My Health Record. If your child does not have a My Health Record, please refer to the ‘Create a My Health Record for a Child’ help page for more information.

The following information can be accessed from the ‘Childhood Development’ section of a My Health Record.

Achievement Diary

  • This is a consumer-only note.
  • It allows you to record and view milestone information.
  • Healthcare providers cannot view the Achievement Diary.

Australian Immunisation Register

  • Displays immunisation information which has been recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register.
  • There are a number of situations that can trigger the flow of immunisation information, including when the record is accessed by yourself/Authorised Representative or Healthcare provider for the first time. To find out more or restrict access to immunisation information, please refer to the ‘Remove Information’ How to page of the My Health Record website.

Health Check Schedule and Questionnaires

  • Displays a list of health check questionnaires which can be viewed or completed.

Growth Charts

  • Graphs childhood growth measurements over time.
  • Graphs can be created to view childhood height, weight, head circumference and body mass index information.

Information for Parents

  • Displays links to useful information relevant to childhood growth and development. This information can only be accessed through the Help site, it is not available on the My Health Record.