Set Up My Record

When you access the My Health Record system for the first time you will see a ‘Welcome’ page. This page includes a section where you decide whether to have existing Medicare information made available on your My Health Record. Medicare information may include claims for medical visits (MBS/DVA), medicines dispensed (PBS/RPBS), organ donor decisions and immunisations. You can click on the ‘Let me choose my options’ link to specify which types of information you wish to be made available on your record. Note you can change these settings later by selecting ‘Profile & Settings’ in the navigation menu.

You can then choose to either view ‘Record Home’ or go to the ‘Set Up My Record’ page where you can begin to build and manage your My Health Record. After your first visit you will be sent directly to your ‘Record Home’, so you will need to visit the relevant page to change your settings

The ‘Set Up My Record’ page helps you to navigate directly to the pages that allow you to add information and give you control over aspects of your My Health Record. From this page, you can:

Add important information for your providers in case of illness, accident or emergency

Keep your My Health Record relevant

Set up your privacy and access settings

Manage your Medicare information settings