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What can you see on your ‘Record Home’?

Your ‘Record Home’ is the first screen you will see after logging into your My Health Record. It is a summary of all the key information contained in your My Health Record and it will provide you with a clear and fast way to view important information, such as a snapshot of important health information, what personal information you have chosen to record in the My Health Record system, and what recent documents are on your record.


What is shown in your ‘Health Snapshot’?

Your ‘Health Snapshot’ is located on your ‘Record Home’ page and shows you if you have a Shared Health Summary or Personal Health Summary associated with your record. If you have either of these documents in your My Health Record, the information will be displayed in your ‘Health Snapshot’.

A Shared Health Summary is a clinical document written by your healthcare provider. It is a summary of your health status at a single point in time. If you do not have a Shared Health Summary ask your healthcare provider (usually your GP) for more information about uploading one.

You can also include your own information in your ‘Heath Snapshot’ by completing a Personal Health Summary. A Personal Health Summary allows you to enter information about your own health. This can include any allergies, adverse reactions you have experienced, or medications you might be taking like over-the-counter medicines.


What is shown in your ‘Personal Information’?

Your ‘Personal Information’ section is also shown on your ‘Record Home’ page. This section consolidates information from multiple areas of your My Health Record. Your demographic details are obtained from your ‘Profile’, while other information comes from your ‘Emergency Contact Details’, ‘Medicare Overview’ and ‘Personal Health Notes’.

The content of this section includes the following:

  • Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Address (not visible to Healthcare Providers);
  • Sex;
  • Indigenous, Veteran or Australian Defence Force (ADF) status;
  • Australian Organ Donor Register information, where available;
  • Emergency Contact details; and
  • The number of Personal Health Notes added to the record.

While you can choose to include certain information on your My Health Record, some demographic information can only be updated by contacting DHS on 132 011.


What is the ‘Timeline of recent documents’?

Your ‘Timeline of recent documents’ will show you a list of all the documents added to your record in the last 12 months. Clicking on the document type will take you directly to that document.


How do I find my ‘Record Home’?

Your ‘Record Home’ will be the first page you see when you log into your My Health Record. You can go back to your ‘Record Home’ at any time by clicking 'Record Home' in the navigation menu.


Who can see my ‘Record Home’?

Your ‘Record Home’ will be available to you and the representatives you have given access to your My Health Record.